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The purpose of this teaching series is to equip you to engage with Muslims on topics of faith and draw them to the Truth of Christ.  You will be provided with tools that will enable you to reach any nationality of Muslim.

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M.A. Biblical Studies: University of the Holy Land, 2005-2009           
Christian Apologetics: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 2004-2005 

As a Christian Arab from the Old City of Jerusalem, Bassem Adranly has ministered to MBBs for over 20 years. Presently serving in the West Bank, he is an ordained pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (C&MA), and Chairman of the EACH Abram Board of Directors (Evangelical Alliance Churches in the Holy Land).

As Director of the Open Church media ministry ‘Alkanisa,’ he has developed a strong online apologetic ministry defending the gospel and reaching Muslims all over the Middle East. The active Facebook page currently has more than 80,000 followers.

As a known Christian writer, Bible teacher, and Christian apologist in the Arabic speaking community, he has published many tools that aid the Arab Church in their efforts to reach the Arabic speaking Muslim around the world.  He has published 200 articles, 14 books/booklets and many Bible resources such as ‘Bible Apologetics’ and ‘Introduction to Christian Apologetics’. This is not to mention the hundreds of video publications he has put out on media platforms during the last ten years.

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Course List

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This course offers the essential theological learning you need in order to minister to Muslims.  There are certain fundamental essentials to the Christian faith that need to be crystal clear in the believer’s understanding before s/he can get into a complicated dialogue about Christ.  When sharing your faith with a Muslim it usually is not enough to merely present the gospel. You need to be prepared to defend the gospel.  Defense requires a stronger and deeper understanding of the subject matter than simply knowing that "Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins," to be true.  You cannot successfully sell your product to a competitor's customer unless you first understand how and why your product is better than theirs. 

Learn these fundamental essentials in the context of their relevance to a Muslim mindset and perspective. Strengthen your understanding of Christology, Redemption, Trinity, the Cross and the Divinity of Christ. Discover how to address the Muslim understanding of Forgiveness, Grace, Sin, etc. Learn apologetic skills from the greatest apologist who ever lived, Jesus Christ himself.

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This course takes a close look at what Islam teaches about essential elements of the Muslim faith. Not only will you learn about the centrality of their faith in Allah and Muhammad and their faith in the Quran and other holy texts, you will also learn what the Qur'an teaches about Christianity, Christians and Jews, the Bible, main prophets and especially Jesus Christ.

Moreover, this course uniquely offers an in-depth study of the Six Pillars of Faith in Islam from the perspective of the theological writings of Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the most authoritative Sheikhs of Sunni Islam.  This section will cover the study of his entire book in detail.

This course also provides a special lecture as an orientation to the Muslim people, teaching you how to relate to them easily.  You will learn all the do's and don'ts Christians should know about how to behave when introducing a Muslim to Christ.  The last couple lectures also explain the unique challenges Islam presents for Christians ministering to Muslims in a Western Culture.

Note: Everything taught in this course will be taught comparatively, in light of the biblical perspective, highlighting potential areas of dialogue.

•    This course is still being recorded and will start being added weekly to the website soon.

In this course you will learn what the most common Islamic arguments are and how to lovingly respond to them in truth so as to draw your friends one step closer to knowing Christ.  

Each lecture will deal with one or more arguments/critiques commonly raised by Muslims in everyday discussions.  Following the analysis of each Muslim argument, the biblical response and applicable Bible passages will be provided.  In order to help you learn how to structure a strong answer, the lecturer will focus on training you to apply what was learned in the previous courses, such as apologetic skills, Quranic verses, Hadiths or things said by Muslim scholars.

Below is an example of one of these arguments:
“You say Jesus is God and that he died on the cross, so how can you claim that God died?”

All arguments will be divided into three categories and each category will be covered in one of the sections of the course:- 
Section 1: Christ / Redemption
Section 2: The Bible
Section 3: Social Issues